Welcome to Newport Adventures®, the experts in facilitating customized corporate teambuilding & VALUE experiences in Newport!

Get ready for your exciting team event as you, the CEO, new-hires, summer interns, valued employees and clients join Newport Adventures® as they help you integrate “getting-out-of-the-office” with great teamwork and thinking outside the box! The net results are priceless: You’ll bond, build trust, communicate and interact in new ways and generate camaraderie within your organization! Call us today to discuss your organizational needs and which exciting Newport Adventures® package we offer is perfect for you.

“You’ve arrived at the right place!” We facilitate a hi-impact teambuilding exercise,  that is exciting in every aspect, a quality activity that your group will truly enjoy!

Explore and discover the “City By the Sea” called Newport with your TEAM for an amazing 2-3 hour experience that you’ll all want to share together.

Newport Adventures® will meet you at your hotel / conference center, or desired location for the start of your event, where your skilled teambuilding event facilitator(S) will give out instructions, break your group into teams, and provide you with everything for your Newport scavenger hunt™. After, you’ll enjoy meeting at the finish, where we will conclude with an exciting awards ceremony, that can be combined with lunch or dinner at a restaurant, sailing on a yacht or a fun place for everyone to gather and celebrate.

Event includes: Professional facilitator(s), customized team lists, maps/pens, team tote bags, instructions, team Captain’s pins, engraved medals/trophies and colored ribbons as well as a souvenir picture CD with all of the teams’ photos to share after the event.


Your free customized quote is available by calling 800-936-0277 Reservations are required. Availability is limited so call today.



Our Newport Adventures® teambuilding events add great value and hi-impact to your organization by 

  • #1 Building Trust
  • Encouraging Leadership
  • Experimenting with unfamiliar and uncertain environment
  • Learning Step-By-Step as you go
  • Integrating different points of view
  • Interacting with Colleagues “face to face”
  • Practicing honest and open communication with teammates
  • Listening to others ideas and concerns
  • Understanding intellectually diverse points of view
  • Considering geographic positioning factoring & Time Zones
  • Understanding your Team Attributes and Team Dynamics
  • Identifying Team Goals & Strategy
  • Encouraging Team Collaboration
  • Deciding on a Clear Sense of Direction
  • Being Supportive of others on the team
  • Improving Teams Task Processes
  • Reinforcing good behavior
  • Improving Team members interpersonal relationships
  • Bringing forth a variety of the teams’ known and unknown skills
  • Developing a strong set of norms within the team
  • Identifying teams strengths and weaknesses
  • Improving the team by setting the stage for a great performance
  • Learning quickly how to relate to your globally dispersed teams
  • Developing teams’ unique talents and abilities by working together
  • Building excellent interpersonal skills
  • Trusting through self-disclosure, inquiry, positive feedback and curiosity
  • Sharing knowledge, information and ideas with one another
  • Encouraging innovation, creativity, and interaction with colleagues
  • Fostering “Amazing Team Spirit” Together
  • Excellent activity for combining projects in progress, team summits, meetings, ice-breakers, exceeding your sales goals, employees appreciation day, and rewarding “THE TEAM” for a job well done!